viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Second life to an old blazer!!!

Hi there!! first time writing in English!! just to try out :-))!!
I had this blazer or jacket for a couple of years now... thought of getting rid of it several times, but never actually did, just because I sort of love the color!! it´s a color that I normally don´t see everyday... so I kept it in my closet and had this idea from a Burda Magazine in mind for some months... and a few days ago finally went to the fabric store and finally bought supplies...

Check out what I did to give a second life to this piece:

1- This is the boring blazer... but nice color:

2- Fabric store and got 1/2 yard of each color: light pink and a redish-orange one.

3- Measure fabric from the side and mark with succors future strips of 3 - 2 - 1 inch do this with each color, ripe it out by hand and take away the little thread that will come out of it, until each strip of fabric is nice and clean, and you are sure that is not gonna come any more thread from it....

4- After you have your strips, just start pining from the collar down, don´t do it all the way around cause it´s going to curve on the top, and look weird.... so cut strips in have and start from the top down, do it as you like, go crazy a bit.... then sew with zig zag the ones on the bottom. And let the ends loose so it has some movement...

5- The skinny ones I pinned them on top of the showing zig-zag, and by hand, every 5 inches I sew a little bit, that you can´t even notice... and then... tadddaaaaa, voilá:

I totally love how it looks!!! funky, modern and very relax... I love it!!!
Hope you like it... what do you think?? or what other changes can you imagine??
Ciao ciao

By the way.... I´m having fun linking here:

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Bea dijo...

Loreeee my friend!! it´s amazing! I loved the creation, and sure I love the color of the blazer but I have to admit it is much better with the changes and new look! you have great ideas and I LOVE how you share them to all of your fans like me!! by the way, english is good as well, besides english-speakers persons would love to read about your fashion creations too!! Loved it! thank you!! Te llamo manitaa! you´re the best! Besosss

Moni dijo...

Bueno lore, estas creaciones tuyas me estan sorprendiendo.. hay q montar una tienda llamada asi mismo la Esquina creativa. jejeje.. un abrazo

Anónimo dijo...

Gracias chicas!! estoy en eso!!!