miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Friendship skirts!

Hi you special reader! I´m happy you´re here!
Let me tell you about past weekend... we had a friend of my daughter coming over and spending the day. They where so happy playing, singing, watching movies, etc. Then late afternoon they came into my lab and where wondering around... and I proposed "how about doing something fun for you girls to wear?" and of course, they loved the idea! They immediately started to pull out some fabrics scraps from my boxes, some recycled t-shirts, etc. And we ended with these two cute and colorful skirts! They did the stamping on fabric and choose the combination, I just did the sewing and added some creative fun to the day. Of course skirts needed to be "equal," that was not 100% accomplish, but they look like sister skirts!
I love to create with my kids, is so rewarding in all senses! you get connected, learn, share, and help them develop and preserve the creative juices...
I´d like to share some pictures with you:

Great fun!!! :)))

4 comentarios:

Trizbeth dijo...

I loveeeeeeeee these skirts!!! Lore, you know I don´t have a daughter so let´s create friend´s pants for my son and yours orrrrr we can create friend´s skirts for you and me girl!! Love them! Besoss amiga, me gustaron mucho!!

Anónimo dijo...

Me encantan! super diver :) Anaya

Lorena dijo...

Gracias Bea!! me encantan tus comments! Anaya un abrazo!

Maria dijo...

quines faldes més xules! amb quina tècnica les heu estampat? A mi també m'agrada molt el teu bloc!!!