miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Two Colorful Top-skirt!

This has been a very challenging weekend and week... Ufff!! I haven´t stop :::))) I´m exhausted!! Few days just doing the "carnaval" costumes that we´re all wearing on the street parade call "Rua" on Saturday!!
But anyway, I have finished this two colorful skirts. I´m very pleased with the results, and am planning to make some more for sure!! Take a look:

This is called: Encuentra el "arcoiris", which means Find the rainbow. A rainbow is just a beautiful phenomenon and brings good memories and feelings, so it´s an inspirational thing!

The second one is "Find it... be positive", is just a very happy attitude we all must try to have to get the best out of life!

Wish you all enjoy the rest of the week!
ciao ciao

3 comentarios:

Trizbeth dijo...

Lovely both!! Specially the top! is like getting two for one!! Loved the message too! Me encata, versátil y moderno de cualquier forma que lo uses! y un mensaje precioso! Un beso!! Hugs for you Lore!!

Lorena dijo...

Gracias manita!!

Anónimo dijo...

Encantadora! Desde luego que eres una creativa empedernida nena. Besikos Rosa